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Guest Book 101

When I go through my set up checklist with couples and get to the question about where they want me to put the guest book, I get the same reaction almost every time, "oh...that." It seems that so many couples lately not only leave the guest book to the last minute, they really don't care about it at all. Don't get me wrong, if you don't want a guest book for any specific reason, by all means, don't have one... BUT before you give up on this wedding tradition, take a look at some options that may get you a little more excited about making sure someone remembers the sharpies.

Before you read on, I know guest books are not the most exciting or most important part of your wedding, but they DO provide a way for you to look back on the day and remember everyone who made it.

The traditional route:

A few....different options:

A wooden monogram. After the wedding, you have some personalized wall decor!

A tree where guests sign the leaves. Don't "leaf" anyone out.

Inspiration from a movie and a fun, interactive guest book alternative.

Engagement picture with signed matting. This is a more formal decorative alternative to a traditional guest book.

Wedding Piñata. Yes, you read that right. Have guests fill out names and well wishes, and on your first anniversary, have some fun busting open all the love!

Or, make the it a game for you and the guests!

Any of these make you a little more excited about the guest book table?

Happy Planning!


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