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Do I really need a wedding planner?

Friends may have asked, "do you have a wedding planner?"  Or maybe you're asking yourself, "do I need a wedding planner?"  There's a reason these questions come up, and I found myself considering the same thing prior to my big day.


I ended up deciding NOT to use any kind of planner.  Was my wedding great? Absolutely.  BUT, on my wedding day I was keeping track of time, moving pictures along, talking with the DJ about combining events at the reception and more.  I had fun, but I was certainly distracted.  


I'm a do-it-yourselfer.  I wanted to make phone calls, keep a budget sheet, and make my own centerpieces.  Using a full-service planner wasn't for me.  What I know now is, if I could change one thing about the biggest day of my life, I would hire a Wedding Coordinator.  If you're like me, wedding coordination might be the way to go.  If you're not like me, and say, more like my sister (who wanted to sample catering menus, pick out colors, and try on dresses, but didn't want to worry about how things fit together or a timeline), a partial or full service package may be more suited to you.  Deciding on a package is all about finding the right fit for your style.


In any case, it's your day.  Your ONE day.  Whatever direction you choose to go, whether it's with me, another planner, or on your own, make sure you feel comfortable, excited, and confident that all the details you've imagined will be in place. 


Still not sure?  Here are a few other small (but kind of big) reasons why a wedding planner is a good idea.


A wedding planner can...


  • Help guide you in creating a personalized budget. How much is normal to spend?  It costs WHAT to rent that?!

  • Give you access to a list of trusted vendors

  • Take care of the last minute things so you don't have to worry that you forgot the pen for the guestbook on your coffee table at home

  • Rearrange the wedding reception schedule when your pictures took longer than expected- or you need to move to your rain plan!

  • Find a place for Aunt Sarah to sit (she didn't RSVP and we didn't include her in the seating chart)

  • Be there for you to bounce even your craziest ideas off of (they may not be that crazy!)

  • Make sure you have time to enjoy your engagement while all the behind-the-scenes tedious things are taken care of for you

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