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Meet The Team
Libby Sarver

(she, her)

Founder and Planner

Creating and running this company is less of a job and more of a love interest for me.  Weddings are my favorite.  Period.  Planning, organizing, and taking care of business is just simply the way I function.  The marriage (excuse the pun) of these two loves is how Details Wedding Planning came to be.  I hear people say often that planning their wedding was "stressful," "overwhelming," and "time-consuming."  While I agree that planning can be time consuming, planning your wedding shouldn't be stressful or overwhelming.  It should be fun, enjoyable, and EXCITING!  That's where I can help.  I'm a certified wedding planner and have experience planning a plethora of weddings, events, and fundraisers.  The things that some find intolerable about weddings, I enjoy.  Hate making phone calls to vendors and negotiating prices?  I don't mind a bit.  The thought of going through and scheduling your big day down to 15 minute increments sound tedious?  It's what makes things flow, and what I call detail oriented.  Ready to get started?  I am.   

A few fun facts:

  • I am the oldest of three girls and grew up in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

  • I graduated from Clemson University (go Tigers!) with a BA in Communication Studies and from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a MA in Counseling Psychology 

  • My husband and I chose to make Charlotte our home the summer of 2014 after always loving the city as we traveled through between Davidson and Clemson during our undergraduate years

  • I dated my husband for over 9 years before we finally tied the knot at a Bed and Breakfast venue near our childhood homes

  • I am a dog lover with one CRAZY pup named Tonks... if you have a dog, I'm going to want to see pictures

  • I have to "plan" to be spontaneous 

  • I'm big on making lists

  • I love to travel and have been to 19 countries and 26 US states

  • I have two kiddos:  a spunky and smart threenager, Josie, and an sweet as pie little man who just turned one, Lincoln

Katherine Slepski

(she, her)

Sales, Operations, and Planning

I grew up watching Disney movies, basing my future wedding all around the beautiful princess dresses, the castles, and even having Prince Charming as my husband! Weddings are such an important day, and I am all about making that day “Magical” as Disney would say. I started in the hospitality industry seven years ago working at a restaurant that hosted events like rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and even weddings!  While interning at Disney World, I loved how everyone was there to create a memory, and I feel like that translates directly into weddings.  It’s a day no one is going to forget.  From Disney, I shifted into working at private clubs.  Working in areas from Warren, Ohio to Nantucket, Massachusetts, down to Raleigh, I’m excited to bring event experience from all over the country here to Charlotte.  My standards are high when it comes to planning and organizing. I am big on lists and schedules, and will make sure everything is on time and ready to go so that wedding days run flawlessly. I love talking with people and getting to know them, and I am so excited to meet and work with newly engaged couples. This small town girl from Ohio is ready to plan your wedding in this big, beautiful, southern city of Charlotte.


A few fun facts:


  • I grew up in a small town outside of Youngstown, Ohio called Poland

  • I am a middle child and have two brothers. 

  • I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor's Degree in Human and Consumer Sciences with a focus in Hospitality Management, minors in Business, and Customer Service Leadership, and a certificate in Ecotourism.

  • I am big on sustainability and keeping the Earth beautiful. Any way that I can try to be Eco-Friendly- I will be!

  • I’ve always wanted to live in North Carolina- what’s not to love? The weather is beautiful, close to the beach (compared to Ohio), and I especially love all of the diversity in this state.

  • I am a “foodie” so I love to eat and try new restaurants… I would say my go-to food is Pizza.

  • I used to be a bartender, my favorite drink has to be French Martini.

  • I have a coffee addiction- can’t miss a day without it!

  • I love to travel and meet new people, hopefully we can travel internationally, soon!

  • When we go on vacation I plan out every day, from what time we are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to going out and about to do touristy things.

Nicole Jackman

(she, her)

Wedding Coordinator

I have always loved weddings/engagements. When I was in college, I reached out to sooo many wedding planners in the CLT area in hopes one would give me a chance at working for them. Considering I had no experience with weddings, my hopes were low in landing an opportunity with a planner. But Details Wedding Planning stepped in and took a leap of faith in hiring me! I have not had one regret ever since. I have been working at Details Wedding Planning now for five years and have loved every minute of it! I enjoy the constant hustle & bustle of a wedding day. Following a timeline and making sure that the day runs smoothly for the bride/groom/family/guests/vendors is my main priority! Each wedding is different & each wedding challenges me in different ways. My favorite moments are seeing the excitement on the bridesmaids and groomsmen's faces as they begin walking down the aisle and then seeing the bride make her grand entrance. I love the smaller, more individual pieces of wedding days, too - from florals in particular, to the different desserts and cakes, to the small party favors that are unique to each couple I've worked with. 

A few fun facts:

  • I attended UNC Charlotte and majored in Organizational Communication studies and minored in Psychology 

  • I have had my wedding planned in my head well before I had a ring on my finger 

  • I am from Greensboro, NC

  • I love plants even though they usually die within the first week that I have them, so I usually just buy fake flowers & pretend they are real

  • In my spare time, you can find me cuddling on the couch under a blanket with my dog Cooper, watching The Office on repeat or a baking show on Food Network, doing a virtual yoga class (hopefully I join a studio soon to be in-person!) cooking/baking something, thrift shopping for trendy clothes, spending as much time as I can outside, or watching a movie with Taylor, my fiancé!

  • I am very family oriented! I try to visit my family (who all still live in Greensboro) at least once or twice a month on the weekends. Our favorite thing to do together is definitely shop

  • I buy way too many planners and calendars

  • I am an OCD neat/clean freak! If one thing is out of order in my house I pretty much malfunction until I can get it back in order. I I only use clean, non-toxic, organic-y household products and advocate for cruelty free & clean makeup/beauty products, too

  • I am obsessed with anything Disney related. I can talk to anyone for hours about Disney & know more facts about Disney World than I know about myself.

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