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Wedding Party Financial Expectations

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Let’s face it, weddings these days can be quite pricey! From the caterers to florists, and all details in between. But what should you expect to pay when you’re asked to be a member of the wedding party?

It’s really tough to say “no”, when asked by a dear friend to stand by their side at their wedding. But, it is important to know what saying “yes” entails. Depending on the bride and groom, some expectations will vary, but it is always important to ask what pre-wedding events they plan on having in order to prepare yourself financially. Below we’ve put together a list of average costs that could be associated with being a bridesmaid, bridesman, groomsmen, best lady… the list goes on!. These are not exact amounts and can vary of course based on each couple’s registry, events, and expectations.

  • Bachelor/bachelorette party weekend- Airbnb or hotel + food/drinks + activities

    • $500-$1000 (or more)

  • Gifts for pre-wedding events and the actual wedding

    • $100-$300

  • Attire

    • Dresses, $100-$400 each

    • Tux or suit rental/purchase + accessories, $150-500

  • Hair + makeup

    • About $100 for each service

  • *if traveling for the wedding, hotel and transportation for the wedding weekend

    • $300-400 + flight

  • Bridal or couple’s shower

    • *highly dependant upon how the funds are split*

    • At the very least, a gift and travel to the event

All in all, it is important to prioritize what you can financially handle when saying “yes” to being in a wedding party. Talk with the couple, let them know your thoughts, and work out a solution to have a great time!

And as a bride or groom, continue to be respectful and supportive of your wedding party. If a friend/family member needs to decline your invitation to be in the wedding party, still consider inviting them to any/all of the activities prior to your wedding. They may not be able to take on everything based on their financial situation, or their schedules, but they might love (and be able to) help to plan a shower, or could serve as a great greeter or reader on your wedding day.

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