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What are the rules?

What do the rules mean for my wedding?

What CAN I do?

Updated 12/17/20

Currently the state is functioning under Executive Order 181, a modified stay at home order with the following mandates:


All events must end by 10pm (there is a 10pm-5am stay at home curfew)

All alcohol sales must end by 9pm

Venue capacity differs based on the size of the venue.  Some will fall under the 10 person indoor/50 person outdoor rule, others are ruled as convention centers and can host 1/3 of their capacity up to 100 people.

Religious ceremonies are exempt from any maximum capacity number.

Masks are mandatory in public places statewide, and social distancing is suggested whenever possible.

These rules are in effect until January 8, 2021 unless otherwise directed. 


*see FAQs for Executive Order 181 

Legally, in NC, weddings as we typically know them are not allowed to happen until we move into a different phase with different mass gathering limitations.  

Weddings are considered private events and receptions. Police are authorized to shut down any events that are in violation of the executive order.

If you planned on 150 people dancing all night long, this means you'll have to postpone, or wait to have the party later, but....

YES!  You can still have a beautiful, wonderful, memorable wedding, right now, in the middle of all the crazy 2020 has unleashed.

Have an uncapped wedding ceremony.  Because religious ceremonies are exempt, with some social distancing in mind as we set up chairs, you can have as many guests as you want come to a ceremony.

Have an outdoor reception.  Have your parents and your wedding party (maybe a few other key family members and friends) stay for a fun dinner.  You can include as many traditional wedding elements you'd like, or save that all for a big party next year (you know we'll all need one to celebrate being able to leave the house again!)  The key thing here is- do what makes you happy.

Have an indoor dinner/reception with just close family and friends.  

What do I do now?

C O V I D - 1 9   W E D D I N G   D A Y   O P T I O N S

What to expect while navigating your wedding decisions

  • Safety precautions.  All of your vendors should let you know what they'll be doing to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 at your wedding.

  • Covid-19 liability releases.  Many vendors will likely ask you to sign these prior to your wedding.  (including us!)  They release the vendor of liability should anyone at your event contract COVID-19.

  • Differences in policies.  Make sure to check with all of your vendors prior to re-scheduling to find out if they have any restrictions or fees for changing your date.

  • A desire for speed.  Vendors will need to know your plan as soon as possible.  With lots of rescheduling happening at once, it's helpful to move quickly once you've made a decision to move forward or postpone.

  • Flexibility. With policies shifting with ever-changing information, more adjustments may need to happen.

  • Help.  As wedding vendors, trust me, we WANT your wedding to happen.  We want things to be magical, amazing, and to go above and beyond what you imagined.  Lean on us to help you follow through with your new plan- whatever it may be.

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