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Grace Hill Photography

Grace Hill Photography

What are the rules?

What do the rules mean for my wedding?

What CAN I do?

Updated June 11, 2021

Restrictions on the amount of people allowed in venues have been lifted

Private businesses may choose to require mask usage

Masks are required in public health settings, on public transportation, schools, and child care facilities.

Unvaccinated persons are encouraged to continue to wear masks indoors and stay six feet apart for their own and other's safety.​

Read the latest Executive Order here.

Weddings are back!!  

Venues may still have mask and social distancing restrictions, but most do not.  Make sure to check in with your venue so you understand what to expect for your event.



Do whatever makes your heart happy!

Are you still worried about variants and/or unvaccinated guests?  Keep your wedding smaller and more socially distant.

Feel great about how vaccinations are going and want (maybe even need) some time for dancing and hugs with family?  Have the bash you dreamed about!  ​

Whatever you decide, we'll be there for you (masked or unmasked- whichever makes you most comfortable).  

What do I do now?

C O V I D - 1 9   W E D D I N G   D A Y   O P T I O N S

What to expect while navigating your wedding decisions

  • Safety precautions.  All of your vendors should let you know what they'll be doing to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 at your wedding.

  • Covid-19 liability releases.  Many vendors will likely ask you to sign these prior to your wedding.  (including us!)  They release the vendor of liability should anyone at your event contract COVID-19.

  • Differences in policies.  Make sure to check with all of your vendors prior to re-scheduling to find out if they have any restrictions or fees for changing your date.

  • A desire for speed.  Vendors will need to know your plan as soon as possible.  With lots of rescheduling happening at once, it's helpful to move quickly once you've made a decision to move forward or postpone.

  • Flexibility. With policies shifting with ever-changing information, more adjustments may need to happen.

  • Help.  As wedding vendors, trust me, we WANT your wedding to happen.  We want things to be magical, amazing, and to go above and beyond what you imagined.  Lean on us to help you follow through with your new plan- whatever it may be.

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