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Fun with Favors

You've booked all of the vendors, planned the ceremony, sent out all the invites...but what to have as a favor? You by all means are not required to have favors for your guests, but traditionally guests are provided with some small token of appreciation for coming to your wedding in the form of a favor.

Here are some creative favor ideas that guests will be sure to love:


Koozies- Guests can use them at your wedding, and then keep them as a practical gift and a reminder of a fun night!

Chapstick- Talk about a practical gift. People always use chapstick...and lose it. Make their next tube easy to keep track of my making it fun and personalized.

Match books- Put a twist on a traditional and old fashioned favor by customizing it with a message, name, and wedding date.

CD- Share some of your favorite music with your guests and give them something to listen to in their cars as they drive home from your wedding!

Glasses- Personal, customizable, inexpensive. Fill it with candy for a gift guests will absolutely love.


Coffee beans- Guests will smile as they remember your wedding while sipping delicious coffee from their pajamas at home.

Mini Bottles of Champagne- Guests can enjoy them at your wedding, or save them for later! (and they make for a nice decorative table!)

Tea- Same idea as coffee, different source of caffeine. Which is your favorite?

Hot cocoa- Send guests home from your Fall or Winter wedding with a warm, comforting drink.

Mimosas- a gift that keeps the party going the morning after your reception.


Donuts- Late night, guests are leaving your reception, and they get donuts. Everyone is happy.

S'mores- Fun, yummy, and very simple.

Honey or Jam- Make it local to make it more personalized.

Cookie buffet- "I don't want cookies," said no one. Ever. Set out a variety for guests to either eat immediately or take home to enjoy in small containers.

Popcorn- Yum (and a great midnight snack as your reception is ending)! You can even give guests options by offering a variety of flavors.

BBQ sauce- Guests are sure to appreciate and love this saucy little gift.

Spices- A fun, unique, and practical gift for guests. You could offer two, your favorite and your partners.

Candy buffet- No, they're not original, but your guests are not complaining.

Fun and different

Candles- everyone loves a nice candle. Customize them by making them yourself like the "tea" lights below.

Flowers and seeds- A fun way to invite guests to share in "growing" something beautiful.

Sunglasses- Getting married outside? This gift is practical for the ceremony and every day after where there is sunshine.

Bottle openers- You can get these in all shapes and sizes to match your wedding theme and colors.

Fire starter- Great for winter weddings and a fairly simple DIY project.

Luggage tags- Absolutely perfect for destination weddings!

Donation to charity on guests behalf- This is a great way to honor guests in a way that's important to you. Choose a charity that is near and dear to your heart and share your passion for it with guests.

Dancing shoes (flip flops)- The ladies will thank you as they dance the night away in a pair of flip flops instead of uncomfortable heels.

Ornament- perfect for winter weddings near Christmas!

Hopefully this list gives you ideas that you can use, take, twist, or bounce off of to come up with great favors to thank your guests for supporting and celebrating with you on your big day.

All the best,


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