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How to make your wedding "different"

“I want our wedding to be different.” Have you had this exact thought? If so, you’re not alone. But in a world where sharing ideas happens in an instant (instagram, facebook, pinterest) coming up with something “different” can be hard. So, do you have any options besides coming up with something totally original and creative (and probably expensive) in order to have a wedding that doesn’t seem like all the rest? Yes.

The key to creating a different wedding is you. You and your partner. Your inside jokes, your story, your love.

That’s it. Blog finished.

Just kidding.

Check out the photo above... it looks like a typical cake cutting, but the couple is using the groom's grandfather's butcher knife to cut a cupcake. It was adorable... and funny... and personal. I certainly haven't forgotten it!

In reality though, it really does boil down the fact that you as a couple are different from all other couples. So while scouring the internet looking for different ideas might give you one or two things you haven’t seen before, examining your own relationship will probably give you more in five minutes. Where to start though...try asking yourself these questions and see if you don’t land on something totally cute, fun, and different you can do for your wedding:

  • Where’s the coolest place you’ve been together?

  • When did you first realize you loved each other?

  • What was the proposal like?

  • What are some of your common interests?

  • Do you have nicknames for each other?

  • How did you meet each other?

  • You’re obsessed with ______, and your partner’s obsessed with _____?

  • What are your heritages?

  • Do people think of you as a certain type of couple? (outdoorsy, metropolitan, super sweet, homebodies, etc.)

The list of question could go on and on. You know your relationship better than anyone else!

Now, what to do with the answers… my suggestion is to not reinvent the wheel. Take a great idea and make it your own. Maybe you both have a specific favorite food? Try to create a menu based on integrating the two, or if they’re on opposite ends of the taste spectrum, personalize stations based on each other! Have a common interest? Use that in your theme, maybe your colors, or you can even integrate it into your favors. You both love traveling? Assign table destinations instead of table numbers. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

As you’ll notice, these suggestions are not game changers. You can use these ideas in big or small ways, whether you already have a date, colors, and theme picked out, or you can come at planning from this direction entirely. What you’ll find though, is basing the wedding off of your own relationship and style gives you:

  • An event that feels like you

  • A sense of comfort and familiarity on a crazy busy day

  • A wedding where people say, “I loved all those different, personal touches.”

Happy planning!


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