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5 Wedding Budget Boosters

You start planning your wedding and you feel like you have a GREAT budget… or maybe you already know that things are going to be tight… either way, wedding costs ADD UP fast. This is no joke. So where can you make a little go a long way? Check out these five surefire “budget boosters” to help minimize overspending on your big day.

1. Catering

It is expensive to feed a crowd, and no one wants guests to look back on their wedding and think that they were either left hungry, or that the food was not that great. So how can you cut back on catering without actually cutting back on catering? The answer lies with appetizers and the number of options you offer within your entree or buffet. The production cost for catering companies goes down as the number of different items they have to make decreases (it’s easier to just keep making more bruschetta than it is to change it up and also have caprese skewers). Most of the time you get the same amount of good food, you just cut down on the variety and the price cuts too. So opting for three appetizer choices instead of four, or two sides on a buffet instead of three will help keep both guests and your wallet satisfied.

2. Florals

Flowers are BEAUTIFUL. They make events seem alive, are colorful, and something that most people expect to see at weddings. But it can be hard to stomach the price for something that ends up dying in just a few days. So how to cut back without sacrificing? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose only seasonal flowers, otherwise your blooms will have to be special ordered, which comes with a special price.

  • Use greenery instead of blooms. It gives you the floral feel without the floral budget

  • Consider renting other decor from your florist so you don’t have to buy your own (candlesticks, extra vases, etc.)

3. Venue

The venue is usually one of the most expensive “items” in a budget. So how do you cut back? Consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Typically the “off” weekend days are MUCH cheaper than a Saturday… this could end up saving you thousands.

4. Entertainment

Yes, it is really fun to have the light show, or the special monogram at your wedding...and it seems to come with the DJ package, but those items are usually up-charged into the price. Ask your DJ if you could get a lower price if you take out the special effects lighting. Still worried about creating that fun dance atmosphere? Opt to purchase glow sticks for your guests! You can get up to 10 for a $1 at certain stores. They are much cheaper, guests can wear them home, and you saved a bit by not having your DJ press a button and charge you $100+ extra dollars.

5. Decor

One part of the venue still just lacking? You need something there to fill the space, but you don’t want to spends hundreds on renting furniture for a cute lounge corner? Use things that you will already have at the wedding! Make a bare area a special cake display corner and jazz up the cake table with a few small personal details. Set a table up with guest favors and a cute sign. Make it a DIY photo booth with an Ipad or phone and a fun backdrop! You’ll save money by not spending extra on something technically unnecessary and the venue will look fabulous! (This “using what you already have” can go for the general table decor too! Use guest favors at each place setting to jazz up the table… place the bridesmaids bouquets into empty vases on tables as the floral centerpiece, etc.)

Happy planning!


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