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Rachel and Tyler's Wedding

Weddings are fantastic, but what made Tyler and Rachel's wedding SO wonderful, were the beaming smiles that never left either of their faces the entire night.

How I got involved with this wedding actually goes back to Montevideo Middle School in the good ole' Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. You see, that's where I met Tyler. We both moved away after high school, but find ourselves now living only ten minutes from one another! It's always so nice reconnect with people who just get some of the things about you because the place you called home for so long is the same. Funny thing is, it was Rachel who first contacted and met with me about working with them for their wedding, and I immediately clicked with her, too. I was so happy to be able to be a part of their wedding day!

The two had settled on the December 10, 2016 wedding date because of Tyler's crazy schedule with NASCAR. They chose The Arbors Events as their venue, and hoped like crazy that December 2015 weather would repeat itself in 2016 and give them a 70 degree day so they could hold the wedding ceremony outside. Unfortunately, December 10, 2016 was one of the coldest days of this year. So we went with plan A (ish) and the couple got married in front of the beautiful stone fireplace, INSIDE, sheltered from the cold. For this, I'm sure their guests are thankful.

Backing up just bit... I have to touch on the morning of Tyler and Rachel's wedding. These two are just so in-sync and considerate of one another. The first thing that got me was that Rachel popped over to the reception hall from hair and makeup to check out how the aisle looked inside. She knew she'd have to be fast because "Tyler is always early" and she didn't want to be seen. And... what do you know, Tyler pulls up just a few minutes later, 15 minutes earlier than what we'd decided on the schedule. The other endearing moment that sticks out to me is the couple's first look. As I closed the door to let them have their moment (just after fixing Rachel's dress before she headed outside to see Tyler) I got to see her jump into his arms. Their body language was so full of excitement and love that it warmed me to the core on the chilly afternoon. (I couldn't see Rachel's face, but I have a strong feeling that it was probably filled with happy tears).

Ok, fast forwarding again into the evening... at the reception. The couple's wedding party was so much fun. Two of Rachel's childhood best friends were bridesmen, and they were introduced together... see the quick video below, they hammed it up quite a bit for a good laugh and extra applause. And to keep the entertainment value going, the couple set up a "kissing challenge" for guests during dinner. Guests completed tasks such as serenading the couple, giving marriage advice, and telling jokes in order to "earn" a kiss. Eating, dancing, and general merriment continued throughout the night until the shuttle buses were ready to take all the guests back to the hotel for the after-party.

And you guessed it, up until the very last moment with a glow stick exit in the freezing cold, the couple was all smiles... (and happy tears). Seeing happiness like Rachel and Tyler's is why I LOVE my job. I hope you both enjoy your honeymoon so much!!

All the best,


PS. Check out the AWESOME highlight video by Skip Erdman Events from Rachel and Tyler's day!!

Vendor Love:

Venue: The Arbors Events

Photography: **All of the great pictures from above are from these talented two... the "eh" ones are curtesy of my phone. Whitney Photo and Video

Catering: LKN Catering

DJ: Bridal Affairs

Florals: Willow Floral Boutique

Rentals: Sassifras Designs

Hair and Makeup: Lovely by Lindsey

Desserts: Sweet It Is

Videography: Skip Erdman Events

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