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2017, you're looking good.

We're almost a month into 2017 now (how did that happen so fast?!) and as I'm settling in for a year full of love, I wanted to post a quick update about myself and the business.

It's almost hard to determine where to start. First, I think, it's best to send love to all of my 2016 couples. There was not one wedding I did not come home from, late at night, without gushing to my husband about how amazing things were. I know he was always ready to head to bed, but I would stay up, look through the photos I'd managed to snap on my phone during the day, and tell him about all the details that made my heart happy. With that said, we're already down one fantastic 2017 wedding (blog will be up next week), and I can't wait for the rest.

There are some crazy, fun, and great changes coming this year for Details Wedding Planning:

1. Our website got a new look! Yay! If you're reading this blog, then you can see our much needed upgrade is complete. It was a labor of love to re-envision what I had originally created, but I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I hope you like it, too.

2. We're expanding! (in two ways).

  • I've welcomed Kathryn Rudisill to the team as a lead Wedding Day Coordinator. She's amazing. She's worked in the events industry for 9 years and her smile and calm demeanor is perfect for fast paced wedding days. I'm so happy to have her, and the couples who she works with are sure love her, too.

  • I'm also literally expanding. I'm having a baby girl in early March and can't wait to be a mom! It's a whole new adventure for me, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love, help others share their love, and now love on a new, little, squishy human being (soon!).

Please excuse the grainy pic... while my sister threw an absolutely fabulous baby shower (she could go into event planning too), we won't give her any ideas about a career in photography ;)

3. While having a brick and mortar storefront is still a dream, it's not quite in the works yet. In the meantime, I've created a home meeting space that I'm excited to open up to clients. Like I've mentioned before, this business is not just earning potential for me, but something that I'm passionate about. I love getting to know my clients personally. I enter into your life, and try to get to know you so that I can help create your best. day. ever. It only makes sense that we can kick back, sip some coffee or tea, and get excited together about what you have in mind while somewhere comfortable and relaxed. (and don't worry, if this seems weird to you, we certainly don't HAVE to meet here, but my door is open.)

With all of the changes, there are some things that are staying the same:

1. My love of weddings (some people ask me if they've gotten to be too much, or if I feel burned out... the answer is NOPE.) Weddings are still my favorite.

2. Our commitment to your vision. It is not our day, it's yours, and we still firmly believe in making the day everything you've dreamed.

3. Our excitement for all couples. We do not limit the couples we work with (well, except if we're already booked, unfortunately). We welcome all couples to call us for a consult no matter your budget, who you call your fiancee, or how and when you want your wedding structured.

With so much excitement and love for the fabulous year ahead of us, cheers to 2017!



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