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It's a business...but also a passion...and now a blog?

"They" say you need a blog. And by they, I mean business articles that reference keeping your SEO numbers high (no, I don't know what that means...but I think it's supposed to help me show up on Google?). I don't know much about writing a blog, but I'm never short on things to say, so why not? This blog is going to be a combination of ideas about the weddings I'm working on, fun wedding stuff, my general thoughts, and well, we'll see where this platform takes me.

Right now, we're at a point in the year where MANY couples are newly engaged (most around Christmas, New Years, or even more recently, Valentine's Day.) That means lots of meetings with potential clients. Before meetings I'm always a bit nervous... will they like me? it's not about me. kind of is (They are hiring ME). Maybe they need my services. Maybe not? Maybe it's just not a good match? Overall, meetings typically go well (whether I'm hired or not). But as the business grows, what I'm realizing more and more, is that my favorite part of this job IS the meetings I have with couples.

I get to meet all kinds of couples who are so in love. It's, honestly, amazing. I walk away from meetings energized and filled with ideas and possibilities of how wonderful each wedding I work on will be. I want them all. (Please don't say no to me.) I want to be there on your wedding day, seeing you walk down the aisle. I might just shead a tear as I fluff your dress (or straighten your bow tie) and give you a thumbs up before you walk down to meet your partner. I want to help send you off into your happily ever after.

But it's not just the allure of love that draws me in. You do. The couples. I get to learn about you and your fiancee. I get to hear creative and beautiful engagement stories. I get to hear about what's going to make your wedding beautiful and different and uniquely you. I'm moved by your love and excited by your future and so, so very determined to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be. Working together, I get to see how you make decisions with your partner, who cares about what aspect of the wedding, and how one of you makes a sacrifice for the other because he/she knows it makes you happy. I love your stories. I love how you weave together aspects of the wedding like you're starting to weave together aspects of your lives. It's beautiful. It makes me happy. And it makes the whole "business" aspect of wedding planning second to my passion of meeting you (the couple) and getting to know and appreciate all the smirks, uh-ohs, whats!?, and love that I get see and share in when I work with you.

So here's to mixing business and passion, and then writing it all down to share with the world.

All the best,


P.S. This is me (so you can put a face to the name)... at one of the many weddings I had the pleasure of ATTENDING this past year with my wonderful hubs, Ben.

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