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I've got some catching up to do.


I haven’t blogged since February. While some could choose to think of it as a business fail, I’m choosing to think of it as a restructuring of priorities… You see, my life’s kind of taken a drastic turn since March 9, 2017. I became a mom. So now I’m a daughter/wife/sister/auntie/business owner/wedding planner/friend and MOM (among other things).

It’s been five months (today!) since my little Josie was born.

And while consults, client meetings and events have all functioned like normal, my blog has been moved to last place on the to-do list. Until Today. Since my daughter’s birth Details Wedding Planning has coordinated/planned 12 weddings. Twelve awesome days that I want to catch the world up on! So… starting with my next blog and ending at the end of the month, I’m going to *try* to highlight each of these magical days (oh- and as a bonus, I’m finally publishing a blog I wrote on March 7 about a super-fun bat-mitzvah I coordinated at the end of February… I finished writing it and then went into labor,

Stay tuned!

All the best,

Libby (and family)

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