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The 411 on Wedding Websites

Wedding websites... do I need one? How do I create one? What do I include on it?

Your questions - answered below.

Do I need a wedding website?

Do you NEED one - no. Do you WANT one - yes. It's a great place to put all kinds of informations for guests to access easily. If you're anything like me, you lose your sunglasses on your head, but you'll check your purse (or pocket) five times for your phone before you leave the house. Guests are likely to forget an invitation with the ceremony or reception address, but if you have a website, they're one search away from all the information they need.

How do I create a website?

There are LOTS of places online where you can create your website. You can create a free website with easy to follow templates on the following sites:

and MANY more (Google can fill you in on the rest ;)

You can also purchase your own domain name and create a website on sites such as:

What do I include on the site?

I suggest that a wedding website minimally have:

  • Your names

  • At least one photo of you!

  • Wedding date

  • Ceremony and reception times

  • Ceremony location address

  • Reception location address

  • Hotel block information

Additionally, it's nice to include:

  • Things to do in the area (this could be suggested places to eat, visit, enjoy, etc.)

  • Registry

  • Directions (especially if your venue is tough to find or has specific parking instructions)

  • A story about how you met

  • Information about your wedding party

  • Engagement photos (show them off!)

  • Any social media sharing info you have (hashtags, special photo apps, filters)

If you decide NOT to have a website, your guests will be just fine. But do make sure to have all necessary information on a card in your invitation suite so guests aren't left wondering where to go/what to do (or worse... texting/calling on you on your wedding day when you're trying to get ready!)

Happy Planning!


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