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The New Normal at Weddings

Grace Hill Photography

Restrictions are beginning to soften or lift and the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be in sight! But, while things are finally looking up, as COVID-19 still lingers, it’s still important to be careful. There seems to be a "new normal" in our everyday life, particularly for large events such as weddings. Below are several things to look for at weddings that are likely to stick around for a while.

1. Hand Sanitizers

  • At guest books, drink stations, and other places where individuals appear to crowd/touch, you can expect to see hand sanitizers. A simple way to claim some form of assurance during the event is to have hand sanitizer stations accessible everywhere for guests and event staff.

2. Contactless Greetings

  • Greetings are a timeless tradition of proper etiquette which typically include a handshake, a big hug, or kisses on the cheek. Even if you are comfortable with it, consider adopting a different technique like waving, elbow bump, or even an air hug. *See number 6 for ways to help determine how each guest will want to greet others*

3. Mask and Gloves

  • Expect to see vendors and/or guests wearing masks and gloves. Additionally, if your venue does not provide, consider having a box of masks out for extra precaution, as weddings call for a lot of socializing and touching.

4. Physical Social Distance

  • As weddings continue to adjust to a world COVID-19, you might expect to see less guests than your usual average RSVP return, and guests staying a little farther apart than before. Layouts with tables that include less chairs, or more distance between tables is to be expected. When creating table arrangements, consider grouping families and/or people who belong to the same cohorts together to help keep germs from spreading, but also to keep guests comfortable.

5. Less Hands-On Guest Services

  • Limited or no self serve stations can be expected now during weddings. Buffets served by attendants in masks and gloves for instance help keep many guests from touching surfaces and getting too close to food. Many couples are also opting for plated meal options to eliminate the amount of touch points shared among guests.

6. Wrist Bands

  • Red, green, and yellow bands chosen at the welcome table can indicate how comfortable a person feels with someone near them throughout the event. This is a great way to visually and instantly see people’s comfort level with space, getting rid of social guesswork and awkward moments.

Photo Credit:

Top photo: Grace Hill Photography

Set of two: Hillary Muelleck Photography

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