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Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

What would a wedding be without fresh flowers? When your florist asks what kind of flowers you prefer, with the plethora of styles and colors to choose from it can be daunting. To help narrow the choices, we’ve cross referenced several top ten wedding flower lists from experts and created our own top 10 most popular wedding flowers list, including when they are in season, and what each flower symbolizes.

1. Peony

With its romantic shape and ruffled petals, this is probably one of the most sought out flowers for weddings. Unfortunately, they’re on the more expensive side unless you can capitalize on their very short season in April or May. You can opt out for a cheaper option such as the ranunculus or dahlias if you need to remain budget conscious.

  • Symbolizes honor, romance and wealth

  • Season: spring through early summer

2. Rose

You can never go wrong with the most classic choice of flowers, roses. Although some may picture the traditional bouquet of red roses, there are over a hundred different types of roses and a wide range of colors and looks, making this flower ideal for any bride, wedding, or theme!

  • Symbolizes love and purity

  • Season: mid-spring through fall

3. Ranunculus

You’ve probably seen these flowers before as they’re often mistaken for peonies due to their ruffly, paper-thin petals. This versatile flower looks stunning paired with anything from roses to succulents and is mostly used as accents in flower arrangements.

  • Symbolizes charm and attractiveness

  • Season: late winter to early summer

4. Hydrangeas

The fluffy and voluminous hydrangeas are among the most endearing and versatile flowers for weddings. With a shape that resembles a beating heart, you can mix these with other flowers to go for a chic or vintage wedding aesthetic.

  • Symbolizes gratitude and boastfulness

  • Season: year-round but peaks in spring and summer

5. Lilac

This spring bloom is known to have a sweet fragrance which usually comes in violet shades and sometimes white. They are also quite delicate with its drapey, organic shape. You can mix them with other spring blossoms or gather a big bunch of lilacs as a fragrant bouquet.

  • Symbolizes renewal and confidence

  • Season: spring

6. Dahlias

With a shape that is similar to peony and hydrangea, dahlias are a bold, round flower with pointed petals. They have a strong presence in any bouquet but are typically more affordable than the peonies or roses and come in a wide range of deep colors.

  • Symbolizes elegance and inner strength

  • Season: mid-summer through fall

7. Sweet Peas

With its fragrance and romantic petals, there's nothing not sweet about sweet peas. They come in a number of colors, which adds to their ethereal look and softness. Pair these with some other flowers or carry a cluster for a very feminine look.

  • Symbolizes thank you and delicate pleasure

  • Season: spring through early summer

8. Anemone

The classic bold navy in the center with white petals brings a modern and elegant feel to any arrangement, though anemone is available in several colors. However, when it’s hot outside, these blooms tend to be more on the delicate side.

  • Symbolizes anticipation and refinement

  • Season: early winter through early spring

9. Orchids

Also beautiful as house plants, this exotic flower makes a stunning accent to any arrangement. They are mostly used as a fresh focal point in a bridal bouquet during a modern, tropical, or beachy wedding.

  • Symbolizes luxury and strength

  • Season: winter through late spring

10. Tulip

Tulips not only look great for the Easter holiday, they also look beautiful in weddings too. They make a fantastic statement alone, or as accents, with the various variety and colors to choose from. Plus, they're budget friendly.

  • Symbolizes rebirth and deep love

  • Season: spring


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