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K + D's Wedding

This What a pleasure to be a part of the love that was shared on your big day.

K + D's story is short and sweet. They met, they knew it was meant to be, and they started their happily ever after on Saturday, April 9 (all within about a year).

The couple hosted two ceremonies, a family, church centered one in the morning, and a personalized vow exchange for friends and family in the afternoon. An hour of hors d'oeuvres and drinks followed the vow exchange, which then progressed to a three course meal, amazing dessert table, and of course, dancing.

The bride's vision for the day was inspired by Relish Carolina , a company that hosts dinner events based on great food, company, and atmosphere. Below is a comparison...first, Relish Carolina dinner table (photo from website) and then K's reception set up. She was pretty thrilled with how things turned out!

There were so many last minute complications with this one! While we were busy figuring out potential rain plans (K didn't originally want a tent at all) mother nature threw us a curve ball by turning up wind speeds and turning down temperature dials...We were not expecting a 50 degree, 20mph windy April wedding! Would the harpist be able to play during the vow exchange? Should we add heaters and sides to the tent? The questions kept creeping up on us.

After making music backup plans A-D (no joke), going ahead and adding heaters and sides to the tent, and the mother of the bride bringing a pile of blankets for any guest to use during the ceremony, the weather turned out to hardly be a factor! The sides of the tent were a HUGE help with the wind, but because it was so sunny, the harpist was able to play, and guests didn't get too chilly until the sun went down (and by that time the dance floor was heating things up!). The only thing we didn't do was put a large flower arrangement for the ceremony on a stand. Instead, it sat on the ground so it wouldn't blow over. (But this thing was so big and beautiful that it really didn't even need a stand!)

The highlight of the evening was the meal. While the dishes themselves may not sound particularly unique, they all had little twists on flavor and were served family style, as spaced out courses. The guests first enjoyed salad, followed by chicken with asparagus, and then ribs and macaroni and cheese (not to mention the dessert table after!). With the company of fun guests and the absolutely delicious food, the meal focused reception was a hit.

My favorite things about this wedding included the following small, personalized touches:

  • Handing out of flowers in memory of loved ones during the vow exchange

  • The inclusion of nieces and nephews in the processional at the vow exchange

  • The toasts that the MOH and BMs gave (I started tearing up when the MOH gave hers...seriously, that good.)

  • How the bride surprised the groom by serenading him with a medley of love songs

  • The invitation for all dads and daughters to join the bride and her father halfway through their dance together

K + D, thank you for trusting me with your big day.

All the best,


***All photos in this blog (with the exception of the Relish Carolina one noted) are provided by the amazing talents at LunahZon Photography

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