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10 tasks a wedding day coordinator will do for you

1. Create a wedding day timeline

Making a timeline. Easy, right? A simple timeline is surely a task most brides would label as doable. But a timeline that a wedding runs on… let’s just say they’re detailed. The timeline I create for brides is usually between 5-10 pages. I know that sounds crazy, but it makes sure that ALL vendors are on the same page so that your wedding runs like clockwork.

2. Call to confirm vendors the week before your wedding

You’re busy with welcoming guests into town, picking up your wedding dress, having brunch with your bridesmaids, and more. The time right before your wedding is fun, and also FAST. Having a coordinator ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. So let us take care of making calls to all of your vendors so there are no surprises on your big day!

3. Set up your decor

You’ve planned everything out from the color of the table runners, to the centerpieces, to the hand made signs. But who’s going to set everything up? Mom? Nope. She’s getting her hair done and wants to be there with you as you get ready and put on your dress. Aunt Sarah? Maybe. But she’s coming in from out of town and may not be there early enough. Cousin Elizabeth? She’d be up for helping out, but when will you meet with her to talk about everything, and she’s not best with small details. Let your coordinator set everything up. We’ll meet with you to make sure we know exactly what you want, and set it up for you so you don’t have to worry about how things will turn out.

4. Make sure all the groomsmen’s boutonnieres are pinned on

This small detail almost always goes overlooked. No offense to groomsman, but I’ve yet to see one pin on his own or another groomsman’s boutonniere. Coordinators are here to make sure that these small things get taken care of before the gentlemen are lined up for the ceremony.

5. Fluff your dress before you walk down the aisle

Have a train? If yes, it will get twisted. Your MOH will take care of making sure it’s straight at the altar, but coordinators are there to make sure the bride has everything set before walking down the aisle: dress fluffed, bouquet ready and at the right height, a reminder to take a pause when you get to the foot of the aisle, and a smile as I send you down the aisle!

6. Keep your reception on schedule

Yes, we’ve worked out the schedule, but you’re not wearing a watch! Coordinators do. What’s more, is that coordinators have a plan for how to adjust the schedule when things fall off track (photos, receiving lines, dinner...none of them can be timed exactly). No need to worry about bumps in the road, you won’t notice them.

7. Find an extra seat for your guest that did not RSVP

There is always a guest who shows up that didn’t RSVP. There will also be guests who RSVPed that they would come, and don’t. There is room. But you don’t want to be worried about where they’re sitting. Coordinators will help find an extra chair and place setting to make sure all guests feel welcome.

8. Cue the DJ when it’s time for introductions (and all other reception events)

Intros don’t just magically happen, it takes teamwork. You and your wedding party are ready to get on with the festivities and evening fun, everyone needs to be lined up, DJ needs to have the right order, and someone (me) needs to give the final GO.

9. Gather your gifts and make sure they’re in the designated take home vehicle

Yay! Presents!! But where do they go? Who is taking them home? Are the gifts (and likely cash in cards) going to be sitting out all night? Coordinators will make sure that there is a plan in place for the collection of gifts and will enact it.

10. Direct guests to line up and prepare for your grand exit

The dances are winding down and the time has come for you to leave. You want to run through a line of sparklers. It looks magical, but someone needs to set it up. Coordinators can make sure that guests are lined up, have a sparker (or exit prop of choice), and then send you away in style!




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