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Megan and Scott's Wedding

Megan and Scott are quite possibly the cutest couple ever. This is no joke. The first time I saw them together (via Skype!) it just made me smile.... the way they paid attention to each other, the way they made decisions together, and their consideration of one another was so sweet and evident. They simply are perfect for one another.

When it came to their actual wedding day, we knew there would be one small obstacle to overcome...HEAT. It was a humid, 97 degree day in Columbia, SC. While the ceremony was still held outside, we rounded up all the guests inside the reception venue before it was set to start so that we minimized the guests' time in the sun. (the air conditioning was appreciated by ALL).

With the heat, the ceremony was brief, but not without tears and laughter and beautifully written personal vows. Guests were welcomed back into the air conditioning while the bridal party braved the sun a little longer for some beautiful photo ops.

My favorite part of the wedding celebration for Megan and Scott were their first dances. The couple is outgoing, fun, and not afraid to bust a move. The first dance was a mixture of smiles, small steps, and twirls by both the bride and groom. Guests couldn't help but have a smile on their faces. And the father/daughter dance was a true tear-jerker. Megan and her dad danced to "Just Fishin" by Trace Adkins, and it really hit the nail on the head with its sweet lyrics.

The reception was a fun one filled with food, drink, and dancing. The couple ran out through a sparkler exit to a getaway car decorated by the groom's brothers (complete with pillow emojis tied to the roof!) This crowd had a sense of humor, heart, and a whole lot of love.

Megan and Scott, thanks for letting me be a part of your day.

All the best,


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