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Becca and Jason's Wedding

If I could sum up Becca and Jason's wedding in one word it would be "Surprise!" The couple wanted their wedding to be personalized, different, and a BLAST for guests, so while they included all of the traditional elements in their day, they did things with a twist to surprise guests throughout the night.

When I say surprises, know that this couple is a PRO at them. So often, when I hear engagement stories (and this one includes my own!) I hear about trips, or special nights planned where the proposal happens immediately. But not Jason. He waited until the third day of their trip to NYC to propose to Becca. Additionally, he filmed the proposal and she was none the wiser because they had been taking pictures and videos the entire time they'd been traveling. Pure. Brilliance.

So... fast forward to the wedding day (there may have been a little bit of planning in between). The bride and groom both got ready at the reception venue, River Run Country Club, before heading over (separately) to Davidson College Presbyterian Church for the ceremony. After, guests headed over to River Run for a fantastic cocktail hour.

Once the wedding party joined guests at the country club, we opened the ballroom doors to reveal the classic and romantic setting Becca had imagined for the couple's reception. Guests filled the named tables (the couple assigned each table the name of a destination that is important to them instead of using traditional table numbers) and then the wedding party was introduced. Instead of heading straight into their first dance, once the couple was in the middle of the reception hall, Jason grabbed the mic, made a few quick comments, and the couple opened their reception by cutting the cake! It was a sweet start to the night... pun totally intended. The first surprise didn't end there, though. Jason's father made the cake and when the couple cut into it, the layers in between the tiers lit up! (The father of the groom even kept the secret from me! He mentioned something would happen, but not exactly what, so I was just as floored as the Bride, Groom, and all the guests when the lights came on).

Dinner followed the epic cake cutting, which concluded with toasts and the first dances. Let me just say... this group LOVES the mic. All of the toasts were heartfelt and full of laughs. And when it came to the dances, the Bride and her Father had the sweetest choreographed dance together. As the dance floor opened up to all, guests flooded in, grabbing glow sticks and taking the party up a few levels. The best part though, was the last dance, when (unknown to the guests) confetti canons exploded on the dance floor! So. Much. Fun.

Finally, guests filed out the doors to form a line of sparklers for Becca and Jason to run through before they hopped into a 1940 Packard that was taking them home. A pretty sweet ending to a magically fun night. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this wedding chock FULL of surprises! Congratulations Becca and Jason!

All the best,


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