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April Awesomeness - A Recap

April is considered a prime wedding month, and it certainly was a great one for Details Wedding Planning. We were in the thick of things, working with couples Sydne and Ryan, Cari and Chris, and Catherine and Creighton to pull off some AMAZING days.

Here are a few highlights from each:

Sydne and Ryan, Married April 8, 2017 at Noah’s Event Venue in Charlotte, NC

This couple has such a fun and energetic crowd that kept the dance floor busy all night. After leaving the reception space for a short minute to check on the caterers, we stepped back into the room and saw a fluffy white figure bouncing above the crowd...Sydne was crowdsurfing. It was priceless!

Sydne & Ryan's "travel themed wedding" really spoke to their personalities. Each table was named after various cities they had visited, they had vintage cameras that Synde's Aunt provided. They also used postcards from around the world at a "well wishes" station for guests to fill out during cocktail hour.

One of our favorite simple, yet oh-so-classy touches was the cocktail table linens that were wrapped in eucalyptus from the florist.

The most unique aspect of Sydne and Ryan's wedding, though, was the DONUT WALL! I don't know what I wanted more, a bite of the freshly-baked, Duck Donuts, or to steal the incredible display Synde imaged and Ryan built for the treats. The ladder shelf and donut stands, flanked with vintage travel pieces, not only fit the theme, but looked amazing.

Cari and Chris, Married April 15, 2017 at King Fisher Society in Laurel Hill, NC

The venue at Chris & Carrie's was really all the decor you needed. This sprawling piece of property on a nearly private lake in North Carolina is a gem! The guests were even shuttled own their own mini ferry from the ceremony site to the sunset! ...need we say more?!

One of the most unique parts/favorite memories of Chris & Cari’'s wedding was the first dance. We may have all heard Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" as a first dance song, but not like this. Chris & Cari floated along to this melody like no other couple. Why? Because their version was in Gaelic. Although we didn't understand a word, you simply couldn't help humming along.

Another unique thing about their wedding was the fact that they got to stay on-site overnight. The bride and groom enjoyed their first night in a classic hunter's lodge, and got to wake up, their first morning st Mr. & Mrs. Whittington, overlooking a gorgeous lake in a secluded setting with nothing but birds chirping in the same location that buzzed with excitement and joy the evening prior.

The couple was so sweet, and stuck to their Scots-Irish theme, which included the groom wearing a kilt made of the Robertson Clan Tartan Fabric. Sláinte! (Cheers in Gaelic)

Catherine and Creighton, Married April 22, 2017 at the Charlotte City Club in Charlotte, NC

Some weddings try to mix it up, keeping guests entertained with one thing or another, but Catherine and Creighton took that idea to a whole new level with a wedding reception that had guests wondering what else they could pack into their fun and beautiful evening. The couple was married at Christ Lutheran Church in a beautiful ceremony, followed by a Charlotte City Club reception that truly wowed.

When guests entered they could choose to sign a guest book, grab a drink at the bar, or watch as the live artist painted a compilation of scenes from the evening that would later become a piece of art for the couple. The place was packed full of love as Catherine and Creighton made their way down the grand staircase and ran through a tunnel formed by bridesmaids and groomsmen and onto the dance floor. We loved how the bride incorporated her family into her father/daughter dance, first dancing with her dad, then each of her brothers. It was such a sweet moment.

Dinner and dancing continued through the night as guests mingled, ate, boogied to the band, and snapped photos at the Shutterbooth (yet another fun surprise that opened up when the formal reception began). Just when you thought things were settling down- the band was taking their break- some football hype music came on and out steps Ramses, the mascot from Catherine’s alma mater Chapel Hill! Guests went wild. And then the music changed, only to have Cocky, the mascot from Creighton’s alma mater, University of South Carolina enter as well. It was such a fun surprise for guests as the mascots danced, took photos, and even participated in the bouquet toss. The evening finished with a sparkler exit and a horse drawn carriage… a true fairy tale ending.

Whew. You still with me? I hope so. These weddings were all SO GREAT!

All the very best,


Vendor Credit:

Photos of Sydne and Ryan - Thirteenth Moon Photography

Video of Catherine and Creighton - Juan Ossa Film

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