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A Beautiful July

AH! Was it just me, or did this past summer FLY by?! Although it doesn’t really feel like it, technically it’s Fall already and wedding “busy season” is upon us here in the Carolinas. Well- supposedly it’s busy season- but my July was busy too with three beautiful weddings. To keep it simple, below are my three favorite parts/aspects/moments of each wedding.

Sarah and Bruce

These two are the sweetest(!) and got married at Warehouse 18 in Hickory, NC. My favorite parts of their wedding day were:

Sarah’s walk down the aisle and dancing with her Mom. These two have such a close relationship and Sarah’s Mom’s love and support for her daughter was evident throughout the planning process and especially on the wedding day.

  1. The wedding cake. The Groom’s Mom took center stage here - she made the four tier cake and it was absolutely delicious!

  2. The after-party! The Groom’s family didn’t want the party to end, so they had the DJ stay another hour so they could keep dancing the night away.

Haylee and Corner

I teamed up with this Nashville couple and the bride’s mom to plan their big day at a family friend’s home on Lake Norman. My favorite parts of their day were:

  1. The ceremony. The bride REALLY wanted an open air ceremony on the lake, but the weather wasn’t quite cooperating. We had to make the call, and instead of move the ceremony under the tent, the bride decided she didn’t care if it was raining a little bit! So most of the guests and all the wedding party braved the rain. This story ends with no rain, and a rainbow as the bride and groom shared their first kiss.

  2. The pizza truck. Yes. You read that right. A pizza truck. The couple wanted to keep things casual and True Crafted Pizza brought their truck on site and made fresh, dutch oven pizzas alongside other side dishes for the reception dinner. It was so much fun, and definitely not your typical buffet!

  3. The couple’s speech. After the traditional toasts, Haylee and Corner grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for making their day so wonderful. Their words were so kind, genuine, and touching.

Jen and Eric

I worked together with this couple to put together a charming weekday wedding that celebrated a day five years in the making.

  1. Their story. Jen and Eric have actually been married for five years. The first time around, the two had started to plan their wedding when life circumstances changed and instead, they eloped (SO ROMANTIC!) Five years and two beautiful kids later, they really wanted to renew their vows and share their love with family and friends - done and done!

  2. Their vows. The couple had a traditional church vow renewal ceremony, but just before, they did a first look where they exchanged personalized vows about their love and how it’s grown over five years. It was such a sweet and special moment.

  3. The exit. I see lots of wedding exits, but the Rowan Museum lends itself to a unique send off. The couple ran through a glow stick tunnel inside the venue as guests cheered, but that wasn’t the end. As the couple headed downstairs, guests headed out on the large, second floor balcony to send the couple off in their rented sports car. I love that as they drove away the couple could look back at all of their friends and family waving them goodbye.

Cheers to a month of smiles, kisses, and beautiful love stories!

All the best,


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