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Top 17 Wedding Moments of 2017


I cannot believe that it's 2018. Where did 2017 go? So in honor of a truly spectacular year, here are my top 17 wedding moments. Enjoy!

1. When Linda walked in to her decorated reception space:

I REALLY care that my couples have the best day, and when you can see how excited and happy they are, it is the BEST. Thanks LunahZon for capturing the moment!

2. Making is "snow" for this fabulous January bride:

It was actually a cool, rainy day, but you wouldn't have known it by how magical everything turned out for Ashley and Davis! Also, that photo with the bridesmaids looks sweet and simple, but Sunshower Photography worked photo magic to get that cool shot.

3. About six months after the wedding, I got a thank you email with a little slideshow that ended in a sonogram photo from Cari and Chris!!

So technically this moment wasn't AT the wedding, but with a sweet thank you and an exciting surprise - I had to include it!

4. Grandparents who know how to party:

These two did not want to miss a moment. They found chairs right next to the band and dance floor at Maggie and Richard's reception so they could be part of the action, and it was amazing.

5. This beautiful bride who surprised her hubby to be with a PUPPY at their first look.

Sara, this is probably a first and only for me, and I will never forget it!

6. A rainbow at the end of Haylee and Corner's drizzly July wedding ceremony:

She REALLY wanted the ceremony outside, so Haylee took a "who cares about a little rain" attitude and walked down the aisle when it was sprinkling. And then the rain turned into a rainbow. Talk about wedding perfection (and no, the rainbow is not pictured here, but I mean, how happy are they?!).

7. This Matron of Honor RAP:

You'll have to excuse the poor quality... I am definitely not a videographer, and I had an old phone. Next years videos will be better :)

8. Introducing the bride and groom in three different languages at Melanie and Yaël's reception:

There were actually guests from 12 countries represented at their big day! And this "photo" is actually a screenshot by the bride taken from their wedding day video by Drea Dawn!

9. This Father/Daughter dance:

10. The groom performing with his band at the reception:

Richard took over the band's equipment during their break and rocked out.

11. This sweet Best Man's dapper look:

Sheldon had style, and was a fantastic napper. (The first photo is courtesy of the wonderful Ernie and Fiona, the second is well... my phone.)

12. A little group sing along at Allison and Tyler's reception:

(Again, please excuse my lack of videography skills.)

13. The sunsets at Raffaldini Vineyards:

We actually got to see TWO of these this year - one for Emily and Robert's wedding in May, and one for Kerry and Sean's big day in September!

14. Getting to open the window/walls at Foundation for the Carolinas in FEBRUARY!

The photos (from Kyo H Nam!), the view, and the surprisingly beautiful weather... absolute perfection.

15. A reverse garter toss:

That's right, flipping the gender roles and putting the focus on the groom!

16. First look flurries:

Amanda froze her behind off, but man, what a special first look in the NC snow for this Maine bride. (Photos snatched from Vera Gayazov's swoonworthy Instagram)

17. The hugs I get from each couple before I send them off for their exit. I don't have a photo of this one, but to give you an idea: I have the guests lined up, all ready to go, and I grab each couple to give them a rundown for the exit and to tell them congratulations one last time. As I'm wishing them well, not a wedding goes by that I don't get a hug from the couple before they leave. It's always such a nice moment for me and reminds me why I love my job.

Thank you to all my 2017 couples who made it such a wonderful year, and bring on the magical moments sure to happen in 2018!

Happy New Year,


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