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Dreamy December

On this dreary, rainy, April day, it makes me think back to a similar day in December. I'm not going to lie, December 9 was not the prettiest day. It was cold. It was drizzly. But we also got some snow flurries, and you better believe we capitalized on those moments to get some amazing first look photos! Kudos to the bride for braving and pushing through the cold - Vera Gayazov's photos proved to be well worth it!

Tony and Amanda both work in NASCAR, and the off season is pretty short, leaving room for Winter weddings only. The two decided to embrace the cooler weather and have the coziest of weddings in front of a roaring fire at The Farmstead in Mount Pleasant. Like I mentioned... the day wasn't warm, or sunny, or honestly nice at ALL, but you wouldn't have known it, because the wedding was sweet and intimate and the party was raging - it was all just magical. And you don't have to trust me... you'll see it in the pictures.

I told you! Just WOW.

All the best,


Vendor Love:

Catering: Family Catering

Decor/Floral: Poppies Floral Design

Cake/Desserts: The Winey Baker (items brought down from Maine!)

Bartender: Infusionista

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